Young Leaders Advisory Council

Executive Committee
As of October 2020

Jack Soos, Chair    

Brian Sullivan, Vice Chair

Justin Albert   Monica Guinn
Bethanie Allison   Sean Halloran
Douglas Balko   Josh Koshy
Raicheen Blanks   Evan Schmidt
Cory Federline   Amanda Trothier


Hartford Hospital's Young Leaders Advisory Council is a group of early to mid-career professionals in Greater Hartford with an interest in furthering Hartford Hospital's mission in the community. Their activities are governed by committees that include:

Chair:  Cory Federline
The goal of the Events Committee is to provide meaningful engagement activities for members of the Young Leaders Advisory Council and the community at large. These events have an educational, networking, or fund-raising focus. The Events Committee hosts a signature fund-raiser each year in addition to other activities throughout the year. Regular meetings will be held, via teleconference or in person, as needed. Members will connect at least monthly, but may need to speak more often in advance of an upcoming event.

Community Involvement
Chair:  Raicheen Blanks
The goal of the Community Involvement Committee is to provide meaningful and diverse volunteer opportunities to members of the Young Leaders Advisory Council and potential partners in the community. Opportunities could be specific to Hartford Hospital, including organizing drives for hospital needs, being aware of and matching members to available volunteer positions, and coordinating one-day volunteer events. This committee may also partner with community agencies on special projects or represent Hartford Hospital and the Young Leaders Advisory Council at community events. Members of this committee will be asked to market upcoming drives and events, be aware of potential partnerships, match council members' volunteer interests with available opportunities, and volunteer when available.  Meetings will be held once a month (via teleconference or in person) but may vary depending on upcoming events and opportunities. 

Chair:  Douglas Balko
The goal of the Memership Committee is to enhance the vibrancy and diversity of the Young Leaders Advisory Council by increasing membership. This is accomplished through direct marketing efforts and support of the various events sponsored by the council. Members of this committee will be asked to assist in the drafting of marketing materials and promotion of council events. Members may also be asked to help coordinate events sponsored by the Events and Community Involvement Committees. Attendance at events will be necessary to market and recruit new members. In general, meetings (via teleconference or in person) will be held once a month but may increase if necessary, depending on upcoming events.

If you are interested in participating on a committee, please email