Hartford Hospital Corporators

Stuart K. Markowitz
Carol Garlick, vice president, philanthropy, Hartford Hospital

At last count, the number of Hartford Hospital Corporators stood at 412. Corporators help us reach out to the community and help the community connect with us. Corporators let us know how we are doing as we strive to provide an exceptional experience to every patient every day.

In your role as a Hartford Hospital Corporator, you should always feel free to direct comments or questions to us at stuart.markowitz@hhchealth.org or 860.545.2349 or at carol.garlick@hhchealth.org or 860.972.2162.

We appreciate the time and talent that you give to being an ambassador for Hartford Hospital and we thank you for helping the hospital demonstrate the importance of philanthropy through your personal support.



Markowitz and Garlick Signatures