Black & Red 2014
Community Advisory Committee

Jonathan and Robyn Gengras
Gala Co-Chairs

Edward Budd
Marla and John Byrnes
Joan Feldman
Lori Flaks
Nina and Evan Fox, MD
Marilda Gándara
Lee and Robert Goode
Susan Hatch
David Holmgren
Carolyn Jimenez
David Kozak
Marcia and Alan Lazowski
Rabbi Philip Lazowski
Cathy Malloy
David McQuade
Lee Monroe
Claire Pryor
William Thomson
Connie Weaver
Diann and William Wienke
Denise Winokur, PhD and Andrew Winokur, MD, PhD
Dawn and John Yonkunas
Henry Zachs
Jessica and Eric Zachs
Judith Zachs

Black & Red 2014
Medical Staff Advisory Committee

Harold I. Schwartz, MD
Medical Staff Chair

Rehan Aziz, MD
Sanjay Banerjee, MD
Sudeshna Basu, MD
Adrienne L. Bentman, MD
Karen Blank, MD
Greg Bonaiuto, MD
Lee D. Brauer, MD
James F. Brodey, MD
Deepti Chopra, MD
Eric D. Cohen, MD
Jeffrey L. Cohen, MD
Michael Dewberry, MD
Jeffrey A. Finkelstein, MD
Joanna H Fogg-Waberski, MD
Evan Fox, MD
Ethan B. Foxman, MD
John W. Goethe, MD
John F. Greene Jr., MD
Robert C. Hagberg, MD
Victor Herson, MD
Alfred Herzog, MD 
Orlando Kirton, MD
Ajay Kumar, MD
Inam U. Kureshi, MD
Vernon Kwok, DMD
Courtland G. Lewis, MD
Mirela Loftus, MD
Steven H. Madonick, MD
Salma Malik, MD
Radhika Mehendru, MD
Raveen Mehendru, MD
Theodore F. Mucha, MD
Lisa B. Namerow, MD
Stacy R. Nerenstone, MD
Jeffry Nestler, MD
Jerry Neuwirth, MD
Sara H. Niego, MD
William T. Pastuszak, MD
Godfrey D. Pearlson, MD
David A. Pepper, MD
Ann L. Price, MD
Osman Qureshi, MD
Francisco A. Ripepi, MD
Tilla F. Ruser, MD
Dahlia A. Saad Pendergrass, MD
Robert A. Sahl, MD
Matthew L. Saidel, MD
Andrew L. Salner, MD
Patricia A. Sheiner, MD
Steven J. Shichman, MD
Samuel M. Silverman, MD
Joel Sorosky, MD
Caren B. Teitelbaum, MD
Witold Waberski, MD 
Karina R. Weiss, MD
Andrew Winokur, MD
Leslie I. Wolfson, MD
Peter M. Zeman, MD


Black & Red 2014



IOL Check Presentation 2014

Because of your generous support, Hartford Hospital celebrated a successful Black & Red on January 25, 2014, at The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, raising over $1 million for the Institute of Living! Your support will go a long way to help us address the needs of adolescents and young adults who suffer from a mental illness. Thank you to all our sponsors for your leadership and support. To see a full list of sponsors, please click here.

The Black & Red attracted a sold-out crowd of 1,200 guests who were treated to an evening of fine dining, an exclusive performance by the multi-platinum band Barenaked Ladies, and post-show dessert and dancing to Flipside on the Belding Stage and Twilight in the Autorino Great Hall.  


The Black & Red was broadcast live on FOX CT for the second year in a row, and kicked off our Stop the Stigma campaign. Stop the Stigma aims to eliminate the stigma and discrimination that makes it hard for people with mental illness to get the help they need. To learn more about Stop the Stigma, and to take the pledge to help end the stigma against mental illness, please visit

You may view a recap of the broadcast here.  You can also check out a slideshow of photos from the event below. To see more photos from the night, or to purchase photos, please visit photographer Brian Ambrose's website



Slideshow image